Streamline your email marketing efforts with step-by-step guidance on creating regular email campaigns in Mailchimp. Enhance your workflow by organizing and categorizing your content effectively. Elevate user experience with relevant content tags for easy identification, ensuring a seamless process to optimize your email campaigns for efficiency and clarity within the Mailchimp platform.

1. Navigate to your campaign list

1 Click on "All campaigns"

2. Start new campaign creation

2 Click on "Create new"

3. Opt to build an Email campaign

3 Click here

4. Select 'Regular' for your campaign type

4 Click on "Regular"

5. Are you considering a Plain Text email?

5 Click on "Plain text"

6. Or would you prefer a Template?

6 Click on "Template"

7. Decide your outreach strategy

7 Click on "Regular"

8. Name your email campaign

8 Click here

9. Ready? Let's Begin!

9 Click on "Begin"

10. Complete your campaign details

10 Click here

11. Are you ready to Send? Go ahead!

11 Click on "Send"

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