Streamline your Pendo experience with our step-by-step guide on creating segments. Optimize workflow by organizing and categorizing data, enhancing user experience through targeted insights. This comprehensive guide ensures a seamless process for crafting and utilizing segments, boosting efficiency and clarity in your product management within the Pendo platform.

1. First, select the 'People' menu to start segment creation.

1 Click on "People"

2. Next, navigate to the 'Segments' option.

2 Click on "Segments"

3. Click the 'Create Segment' button to proceed.

3 Click on "Create Segment"

4. Enter a unique name for your new segment.

4 Click here

5. Choose from the 'Visibility' options as per your requirements.

5 Click on "Visibility"

6. Click 'Add Rules' to define the rules for the segment.

6 Click on "Add Rules"

7. Filter the parameters that you'd like to incorporate in your rules.

7 Click here

8. Select your preference from the dropped items list to finalize the rule.

8 Click on "Application Usage"

9. Choose either 'OR' or 'AND' Boolean tags according to your preference.

9 Click on "OR"

10. Click 'AND' if you wish to add another condition.

10 Click on "AND"

11. Finally, click 'Create Segment' to finish your set up

11 Click on "Cancel
Create Segment"

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