Maximize your productivity on monday.com by mastering the creation of tasks. Seamlessly organize and prioritize your projects with clear and actionable steps. This guide empowers you with a straightforward process to create tasks, ensuring streamlined workflows and enhanced project management efficiency within the monday.com platform.

1. Tap the icon to begin the task creation process.

1 Click here

2. Provide a suitable name for the task.

2 Click here

3. Double-tap on the task for more options.

3 Click on "New task"

4. Tap the 'Reminder' option to set a notification for the task.

4 Click on "Reminder"

5. Choose a desired time for the reminder.

5 Click on "In 3 hours at 23:21"

6. Now, tap on 'Priority' to mark its urgency.

6 Click on "Priority"

7. Select a priority level as per the task importance.

7 Click on "High"

8. Now, click on the icon again for additional options.

8 Click here

9. Provide a detailed description of the task.

9 Click here

10. Finally, tap on 'Later' to schedule the task.

10 Click on "Later"

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