Streamline your tasks in Airtable by creating powerful automations to boost efficiency. This guide empowers you to organize and automate processes seamlessly, enhancing user experience and simplifying navigation. Learn the step-by-step process of crafting automation within Airtable, ensuring optimal efficiency and clarity in your project management endeavors.

1. Begin by clicking the automations section.

1 Click on "Send an email"

2. Next, tap the function.

2 Upload

3. Now, initiate a new automation.

3 Click here

4. Turn the feature 'ON' to activate it.

4 Click on "Switch to 'ON'"

5. For this example, set up the trigger as 'When a form is submitted'.

5 Click on "When a form is submitted"

6. Choose a table for the action.

6 Click on "Select a table"

7. Move on to select an appropriate form.

7 Click on "Select a form"

8. Let's tap on 'New Form' for this example.

8 Click on "New Form"
9 Click on "Use suggested record"

10. Then click here to incorporate some advanced logic or actions.

10 Click on "Add advanced logic or action"

11. Like opting to dispatch a message for updates on Slack.

11 Click on "Send message"

12. Select the designated account for receipt of the message.

12 Click on "Select account"

13. Compose the content before final send-off.

13 Click on "

14. Make sure you toggle the button to activate the automation!

14 Click on "Generate a preview"

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