Enhance your Mailchimp experience with automation by streamlining your email campaigns effortlessly. Learn to create automated workflows that save time and boost engagement. This guide offers step-by-step instructions, empowering you to leverage Mailchimp's automation features for effective marketing campaigns and enhanced efficiency in email management.

1. Start by creating with the 'Create' button.

1 Click on "Create"

2. Next, select the 'Automations' option.

2 Click on "Automations"

3. Then, initiate the process by clicking 'Get started'.

3 Click on "Get started"

4. Choose the 'pre-built journey' option for your automation type.

4 Click on "Choose pre-built journey"

5. Select the 'Welcome contacts' template for this journey.

5 Click on "Welcome contact..."

6. Customize your journey by adding desired elements.

6 Click on "Contact signs u..."

7. Once done, select 'Use this journey' to finalize your automation.

7 Click on "Use this journey"

8. Check your automation by sending test emails.

8 Click on "Send Test Emails"

9. Conclude by clicking on 'Send test' to ensure everything is working properly.

9 Click on "Send test"

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