Streamline your Gmail experience with our comprehensive guide on creating and managing labels. Optimize your workflow by organizing and categorizing your emails with relevant labels, making it easier to identify and retrieve crucial information. This user-friendly guide walks you through the seamless process of creating and efficiently utilizing labels in Gmail, enhancing your email management for improved efficiency and clarity.

1. Click on "Compose".

1 Click on "Compose"

2. Once that's done, fill information

2 Click on "

3. Next up, click on the three dots.

3 Click here

4. After that, give a name and click on "create new".

4 Click on "template"

5. Once that's done, click on "Create".

5 Click on "Create"

6. Next up, click here.

6 Click here

7. Next, click on "Label"

7 Click on "Label

8. To finish off, click on "Manage labels".

8 Click on "Manage labels"

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