Enhance your productivity in ClickUp by mastering the art of automation. Streamline your workflow and boost efficiency by creating automated processes that align with your project management needs. This guide offers a seamless step-by-step process to help you navigate and implement automations within ClickUp, empowering you to optimize your tasks and achieve greater clarity in project management.

1. Start by selecting the Quick Action menu.

1 Click here

2. Next, navigate to the 'ClickApps' within the dropdown menu.

2 Click on "ClickApps"

3. Ensure the 'Automation Feature' is turned on.

3 Click here

4. Then, return to the previous screen by clicking 'Back'.

4 Click on "BACK"

5. Proceed to the 'Automations' section.

5 Click here

6. Continue by selecting the '+ Add Automation' option.

6 Click on "+ Add Automation"

7. Click 'Add Automation', feel free to customize as needed.

7 Click on "Add Automation"

8. Identify the task that will initiate the automation by selecting 'Trigger'.

8 Click on "Status changes"

9. Choose the specific task you would like to automate.

9 Click on "Due date changes"

10. Define what happens in response to the trigger by selecting an automation action.

10 Click on "Change assignees"

11. Select your preferred action from the options available.

11 Click on "Change due date"

12. Finally, launch your new automation by clicking 'Create'.

12 Click on "Create"

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