Efficiently tailor your Mailchimp sign-up form to suit your brand and capture essential user information with our step-by-step customization guide. Enhance the user experience by personalizing the form, optimizing navigation, and ensuring easy identification of key details. This comprehensive guide empowers you to seamlessly create and customize your sign-up form in Mailchimp, fostering increased efficiency and clarity in managing your subscriber data.

1. Select 'Audience' from the main navigation bar.

1 Click on "Audience"

2. Next, choose 'Audience Dashboard' on the appearing submenu.

2 Click on "Audience dashboard"

3. Now select 'Create Form' from the Dashboard options.

3 Click on "Create Form"

4. Here, choose your intended audience from the dropdown menu.

4 Click on "Select an audience"

5. Once selected, click 'Begin' to start form creation process.

5 Click on "Begin"

6. Customize your Pop up Form as per your needs.

6 Click on "Connect your we..."

7. Finally, click 'Preview' to review your form before finalizing.

7 Click on "Preview"

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