Having too many properties on Google Analytics can lead to clutter and confusion. With Google's constant UI change, it can be tough to follow their support guide. Luckily, we've created a step-by-step guide to how you can delete a property for Google Analytic's 2024 user interface.

Please note that you must have the Editor role to move a property to the Trash Can. Moving a property to the Trash Can also moves all component views to the Trash Can.

Step-by-step interactive demo guide:

1. First off, navigate to the property you want to delete. Then click on "Admin" on the right.

1 Click on "Admin"

2. After, click on "Property" on the left.

2 Click on "arrow_right

3. Proceed to click on "Property details".

3 Click on "Property details"

4. Click on "Move to Trash Can" on the top right.

4 Click on "Move to Trash Can"

5. Confirm your selection by clicking on "Move to Trash" again. You're all set!

5 Click on "Move to Trash"

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