Streamline your experience with Pendo by following a user-friendly guide on downloading a Pendo agent. Optimize your workflow and enhance clarity in utilizing Pendo's features. This guide offers a seamless process for efficiently downloading and integrating the Pendo agent, ensuring a smooth and effective implementation within your system.

1. Begin by clicking the 'Settings' icon on your screen.

1 Click on "Settings"

2. Next, select the option labeled 'Subscription Settings'.

2 Click on "Subscription Settings"

3. Then, navigate to and click on 'Applications'.

3 Click on "Applications"

4. Choose the relevant app from your application list.

4 Click on "Supademo"

5. Proceed by selecting 'Agent Settings'.

5 Click on "Agent Settings"

6. Now, click on the 'Settings' option again.

6 Click on "Settings"

7. Here, identify and select the agent you wish to download.

7 Click here

8. Finish by clicking 'Download' and wait for the agent to be successfully downloaded.

8 Click on "Download"

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