Streamline your project management in Asana by mastering the art of duplicating projects. Enhance your workflow efficiency as you effortlessly replicate projects, ensuring a seamless process for project managers. This guide offers step-by-step instructions on duplicating projects in Asana, empowering users to optimize their task management strategies and foster clarity within the platform. Elevate your project coordination with this comprehensive resource on duplicating projects in Asana.

1. Select the project to duplicate from your list.

1 Click on "Marketing plan"

2. Find and click on the dropdown menu icon under task options.

2 Click here

3. Choose Duplicate in the dropdown menu.

3 Click on "Duplicate"

4. Enter the desired name for your new duplicated project.

4 Click here

5. Choose the required fields you want to replicate for this project

5 Click here

6. Click on the 'Create new project' option to finalize.

6 Click on "Create new project"

7. Congratulations, you've successfully created a duplicate project!

7 Click on "Marketing plan 2"

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