Enhance your Airtable experience by seamlessly embedding Supademo to optimize your workflow. This guide offers a straightforward process to integrate Supademo, allowing for a smoother and more efficient way to showcase and manage your content within the Airtable platform. Improve clarity and accessibility, transforming your work processes with this user-friendly guide on embedding Supademo in Airtable.

1. Start by selecting 'Extensions'.

1 Click on "Extensions"

2. Proceed to click on 'Add an Extension'.

2 Click on "Add an extension"

3. Now, please enter embed in the input box.

3 Click here

4. Move forward and click on 'Add'.

4 Click on "Add"

5. Let's use Supademo as the iFrame example. Click on the displayed icon next.

5 Click here
6 Click on "Copy Link"
7 Click on "Embed"

8. Finally, click anywhere else and see the embedded demo on the right side of the screen.

8 Click on "Done
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