Streamline your workflow in ClickUp by embedding Supademo seamlessly. Elevate user experience and simplify navigation with this guide on efficiently incorporating Supademo into your ClickUp workspace. Follow the step-by-step process to effortlessly embed Supademo, enhancing efficiency and clarity in your project management within the ClickUp platform.

1. Start by clicking on the indicated icon.

1 Click here

2. Next, select the 'Share' option.

2 Click on "Share"

3. Now, click 'Copy Code' from the subsequent options.

3 Click on "Copy Code"

4. Then, navigate to ClickUp and select the 'More' option.

4 Click on "More"

5. Continue onward and select 'Docs'.

5 Click on "Docs"

6. Go for the 'New Doc' button to create a new document.

6 Click on "New Doc"

7. Input '/embed' then select 'Embed any website'.

7 Click on "Embed any website"
8 Click on "/
Embed any website"

9. Proceed to save your progress by hitting the 'Save' button.

9 Upload

10. Finally, pat yourself on the back! You've successfully embedded Supademo onto ClickUp.

10 Click on "

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