Step by step interactive Supademo


Learn how to seamlessly integrate Supademo into your Atlassian Confluence instance, enhancing collaboration and knowledge sharing in just a few simple steps. Discover the power of combining these two platforms to streamline your team's workflow and maximize productivity.

Steps to how to embed Supademo into Confluence

1) Click "Share" on the Supademo you want to share and navigate to the "Embed" section.

2) Copy the embed URL between the ""

3) Click on "Settings"

4) Click the edit button on the Confluence page you want to embed into.

5) Click on the spot you want to embed and type "/"

6) Paste in the URL you copied into the iFrame input

7) Type 100% for the width

8) Type "450px" for the height

9) Scroll down and click "Allow Fullscreen"

10) Click on "Publish"

11) Your Supademo has been embedded, along with full screen capabilities

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