Step-by-step interactive demo

With Supademo embeds in, you can arm your champions with the tools they need to convince other decision makers on their team. Instead of trusting your champion to pitch or explain your product with the right words, give them a step-by-step interactive product demo that complements the content you've also included in your presentation.

Now that we understand the power of Supademo and, let's dive into the steps to embed Supademo into In just a few short steps, you'll be able to seamlessly embed interactive demos and guides into your narrative.

Steps to embed Supademo on Journey

1) To embed Supademo in Journey, simply choose the Journey you'd like to edit.

2) Next, click on the slide you'd like to embed Supademo into.

3) To embed your Supademo, simply click the "+" button.

4) And click on "Any URL"

5) Next, choose your Supademo and copy the share link.

6) Enter the copied link here and the interactive Supademo will show up in your slide

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