Streamline your data management in Airtable with this comprehensive guide on filtering records. Optimize your workflow by organizing and categorizing information effectively. Improve user experience and simplify navigation with step-by-step instructions on utilizing filters for easy record identification. Enhance efficiency and clarity in data management within the Airtable platform with this seamless guide.

1. Choose which records you'd like to filter.

1 Click on "Name"

2. Find and click on the 'Filter' button.

2 Click on "Filter"

3. Select where you want your filtering action to apply.

3 Click on "Name"

4. Pick the specific one you want to apply your filter to.

4 Click on "Name"

5. Go ahead and establish the conditions for your filter.

5 Click on "contains"

6. Now, choose the conditions you prefer.

6 Click on "does not contain..."
7 Click on "Where
does not contain"

8. And finally, click outside the filter options

8 Click on "Status
Start da..."

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