Streamline your Google Sheets experience by mastering the art of freezing and unfreezing rows and columns. Elevate your workflow efficiency as you learn the seamless process of anchoring specific rows and columns in place. This comprehensive guide empowers you to enhance clarity and organization within your Google Sheets, ensuring optimal navigation and a more effective approach to data management.

1. Start by selecting all your desired elements.

1 Click on " 
Chart summary..."

2. Then, go ahead and click on 'View'.

2 Click on "View"

3. Next, find and select the 'Freeze' option.

3 Click on "Freeze

4. Proceed by clicking on 'No rows'.

4 Click on "No rows"

5. Now, click on 'View' once more.

5 Click on "View"

6. Again, locate and click on 'Freeze'.

6 Click on "Freeze

7. Click on 'No columns' to defrost.

7 Click on "No columns"

8. Choose '2 rows' to freeze your rows.

8 Click on "2 rows"

9. Lastly, click on '2 columns' to freeze selected columns.

9 Click on "m"

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