Author: Nithileashwar Shanmugam  Steps: 6  Source: Supademo

How to host a meeting in Zoom on Browsers

Author: Nithileashwar ShanmugamSteps: 6Source: Supademo

1. Initiate process by selecting 'Host'

1 Click on "Host "

2. Pick your preferred video setting

2 Click on "With Video Off"

3. Proceed by choosing 'Launch Meeting'

3 Click on "Launch Meeting"

4. Opt to 'Join from Your Browser'

4 Click on "Join from Your Browser"

5. Get things going by hitting 'Start this Meeting'

5 Click on "Start this Meeting"

6. Secure audio source by activating 'Join Audio by Computer'

6 Click on "Join Audio by Computer"

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