Streamline your contact management in Mailchimp by leveraging our guide on importing contacts. Enhance your workflow by efficiently organizing and categorizing your audience. This comprehensive resource walks you through a seamless process, empowering you to optimize your contact management strategies and improve efficiency within the Mailchimp platform. Elevate your user experience and ensure clarity in communication with this step-by-step guide.

1. In the home page over the side bar Click on "Audience"

1 Click on "Audience"

2. Click on "Audience dashboard"

2 Click on "Audience dashboard"

3. Click on "Add Your Contacts"

3 Click on "Add Your Contacts"

4. Select the option on how you wish to import Contacts. We've chosen to import from another service

4 Click here

5. Click on "Continue" after choosing the method of importing contacts

5 Click on "Continue"

6. Connect either of these apps to mailchimp to import data from their platform

6 Click on "Zapier

Zap con..."

7. Once Adding Click "Done"

7 Click on "Zapier

Zap con..."

8. If you wish to upload a File to import contacts Select it and Click on "Continue"

8 Click on "Continue"

9. Click on "Browse" and select the sheet to drop here

9 Click on "Browse"

10. Click on "Continue to organize" after uploading the file to import contacts

10 Click on "Continue to organize"

11. Click on "Copy and Paste" for importing contacts

11 Click on "Continue"

12. Type or Paste the contacts you wished to import in the respective format

12 Click here

13. Click on "Continue to Organize" once you've added the contacts

13 Click on "Continue to Organize"

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