Streamline your Calendly experience by efficiently inviting teammates with designated roles to your account. Enhance collaboration and organization by assigning specific roles to team members, ensuring a seamless scheduling process. This comprehensive guide takes you through the easy steps of inviting and assigning roles within your Calendly account, promoting efficient team coordination and clarity in appointment management. Elevate your scheduling workflow with precision and ease.

1. Begin by selecting the 'Invite user' option.

1 Click on "Invite user"

2. Next, please enter your teammate's email address.

2 Click here

3. Now, go ahead and click on 'Send invite'.

3 Click on "Send invite"

4. Looking good! Now, let's define the user's access level.

4 Click here

5. Finally, set your teammate's role as per your preference.

5 Click on "Admins have the..."

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