Enhance your Google Sheets proficiency by mastering the art of cell and sheet security. Learn to optimize your workflow by locking cells and sheets strategically, ensuring data integrity and preventing unintentional edits. This guide offers a step-by-step process for easily implementing these protective measures, empowering you to bolster efficiency and maintain clarity in your data management within the Google Sheets environment.

1. Start by right-clicking in the sheet.

1 Click on " "

2. Then, find and click 'View more cell actions'.

2 Click on "View more cell actions

3. Next, click 'Protect range' from the drop-down menu.

3 Click on "Protect range"

4. Click on 'Add a sheet or range'.

4 Click on "Add a sheet or range"

5. Now, select 'Sheet' from the options.

5 Click on "Sheet"

6. Choose the sheet you wish to protect.

6 Click on "Sheet1"

7. Click on 'Set permissions' to begin customization.

7 Click on "Set permissions"

8. Select 'Only you' for the editing permissions.

8 Click on "Only you"

9. Finally, confirm your actions by clicking 'Done'.

9 Click on "Done"

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