Elevate your collaboration in Miro by mastering the art of locking objects. Enhance your workflow efficiency by organizing and securing elements within your boards. This guide offers a straightforward process to lock objects, ensuring seamless collaboration and maintaining the integrity of your visual projects in the Miro platform. Unlock the potential of your team's creativity with this essential tool for fostering clarity and precision in your collaborative endeavors.

1. Begin by selecting the objects you want to secure.

1 Click here

2. Then, initiate the locking process by clicking the icon.

2 Upload

3. Take note that holding your click allows you to unlock objects.

3 Click on "Long press
to unlock"

4. Need to lock multiple items? Simply select them all.

4 Click here

5. Proceed by tapping the icon.

5 Upload

6. And done! Your objects are now locked

6 Click on "Long press
to unlock"

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