Streamline your task management in Jira by mastering the art of moving tickets effortlessly. Enhance your user experience and organizational efficiency by understanding the seamless process of relocating tickets within the Jira platform. This guide empowers you with step-by-step instructions, ensuring a smooth transition and improved clarity in managing tasks, ultimately optimizing your workflow within Jira.

1. Let's start by selecting the required ticket.

1 Click on "GTM experiments list"

2. Now, please locate and click the designated icon.

2 Click here

3. Alright, find and click the 'Move' option.

3 Click on "Move"

4. Next, specify the two areas to relocate the ticket.

4 Click here

5. Click this field and select a project to move from the drop-down menu.

5 Click here

6. Great, now select your preferred task to move.

6 Click here

7. Proceed by clicking the 'Next' button.

7 Click here

8. Keep going by clicking 'Next' once more.

8 Click here

9. Almost there, confirm your choices by clicking 'Confirm'.

9 Click here

10. Finally, affirm your decision by clicking 'Acknowledge'.

10 Click here

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