Maximize your productivity in Mixpanel by efficiently transitioning between projects with this comprehensive guide. Seamlessly organize and navigate through different projects to enhance user experience. Learn the step-by-step process to smoothly move between projects, ensuring efficiency and clarity in project management within the Mixpanel platform.

1. Start by creating and selecting a new board.

1 Click here

2. Next, decide on a dashboard type.

2 Click here

3. Then choose a suitable template type.

3 Click here

4. Click this area to initialize your board.

4 Click here
5 Click on "Company KPIs Sa..."

6. Now, from the dropdown, pick an option.

6 Click on "Company KPIs Sa..."

7. Add another relevant metric to the Value moment.

7 Click on "Company KPIs Sa..."

8. Once done, don't forget to publish by hitting 'Finish'.

8 Click on "Company KPIs Sa..."

9. Explore more options by tapping on the three-dot symbol.

9 Upload

10. Use 'Move to' when navigating between projects.

10 Click here

11. Select an existing project or add a new one.

11 Click here

12. Enter all necessary project details then hit 'Create'.

12 Click here

13. Clicking the project will enable the board to move

13 Click here

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