A payment may fail on Stripe due to a variety of different issues. Common issues include insufficient funds, the wrong CVC code being entered, inconsistent billing details (i.e. addresses), or 3D secure validation issues.

Steps to retry a failed payment on Stripe

  1. Navigate to the customer for whom you want to retry the payment.
  2. Scroll down to the Invoices section. Then proceed to click the one with the failed payment.
  3. Click on "Retry charge".
  4. Add in an optional note and choose the payment method on file. Then click on "Charge customer".
  5. Stripe will attempt to retry the payment and update the invoice status accordingly!

Helpful tips

Understand the reason for failure: review the payment failure details to understand why it initially failed. Common reasons include insufficient funds, expired cards, or issues with the payment processor.

Confirm eligibility for retry: ensure that the payment is eligible for a retry. Some payment failures may indicate permanent issues, such as closed accounts or invalid card details. You may need to contact the customer to resolve these issues first.

Update payment details accordingly: If the initial failure was due to expired card details or other incorrect payment information, you may be prompted to update the relevant fields. Ensure the new information is accurate.

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