Google Sheets makes it easy to save your files and keep them safe. You can protect your work and collaborate with others. Learn it with this step by step interactive guide.

Step-by-step  interactive walkthrough.

Steps to How to save a file on Google Sheets.

1) Open your Google sheet document

2) Click on "File"

3) Click on "Download"

4) Select the file format in which you have to download your file

5) Downloaded file can be seen below the screen.

6) Click on "Menu/File"

7) Click on "Save As"

8) You can rename the file and the file will be saved with a new name.

9) Click on this dropdown to select the location of the file where it is needed to be      saved.

10) Click on "Save".

11) Go to Google Drive

12) Your Google Sheet should be at the top of your Drive. If you can't find it, type          in the name of the sheet under "Search in Drive"

13) When you return to the sheet it should tell you that all changes are saved.

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