Author: Nithileashwar Shanmugam  Steps: 14  Source: Supademo

1. Click on 'My Account' from your profile.

1 Click on "My Account"

2. Find and hit the 'Schedule' button.

2 Click on "Schedule"

3. Enter the title, date, and time for your meeting.

3 Click here

4. Invite people using their names or email addresses.

4 Click here

5. Pick 'Personal Meeting' for recurring meetings.

5 Click here

6. Click 'Add Whiteboard' if needed.

6 Click on " Add Whiteboard"

7. Secure your meeting with a passcode or user approval.

7 Click here

8. Choose your preferred customization options.

8 Click here

9. Expand further meeting options by hitting 'Show'.

9 Click on "Show"

10. Confirm the settings by pressing 'Save'.

10 Click on "Save"

11. Now, you will see your meeting's entry information.

11 Click on "872 2478 7594"

12. Replicate your meeting details by clicking 'Copy Invitation'.

12 Click on " Copy Invitation"
13 Click on "Copy Meeting Invitation"

14. Start the meeting when you're ready by hitting 'Start'.

14 Click on "Start"

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