Streamline your scheduling process with Calendly by learning how to schedule one-off meetings effortlessly. Enhance your time management and user experience by following this guide, which provides a seamless step-by-step process for creating and scheduling one-off meetings within the Calendly platform. Optimize your planning and ensure clarity in your scheduling approach to make the most of Calendly's features for efficient and stress-free meeting coordination.

1. Begin by hitting the Create button.

1 Click on "Create"

2. Opt for the One-off meeting option.

2 Click on "One-off meeting"

3. Set your availability by tapping Add times.

3 Click on "Add times"

4. After this, click Next.

4 Click on "Next"

5. Provide a suitable name for your meeting.

5 Click here

6. Click on Zoom as your meeting platform.

6 Click on "Zoom"
7 Click on "Share meeting link"

8. You can check your meeting by clicking View live page.

8 Click on "View live page"

9. Choose an available date for your meeting.

9 Click on "4"

10. Next, select a suitable time for your meeting.

10 Click on "10:00am"

11. To finalize the time, click Next.

11 Click on "Next"

12. Round off by clicking Schedule Event to effectively create your one-off meeting.

12 Click on "Schedule Event"

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