Efficiently manage your projects in ClickUp by mastering the art of setting permissions in Pulse View. Enhance collaboration and control access to project details with a step-by-step guide on configuring permissions. Streamline your workflow, improve clarity, and empower your team to work seamlessly within ClickUp's Pulse View. This comprehensive guide ensures you navigate the process effortlessly, optimizing project management and fostering a more controlled and organized work environment.

1. Start by selecting the 'More' option.

1 Click on "More"

2. Next, navigate to the 'Pulse' section.

2 Click on "Pulse"

3. Once there, find and click on three dots symbol.

3 Click here

4. A dropdown will appear, choose 'Permissions'.

4 Click on "Permissions"

5. Next, select the 'Admins only' option from the list.

5 Click on "Admins only"

6. Well done! You've now set permissions in pulse view.


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