Enhance your productivity in Notion by mastering the art of setting reminders. Streamline your workflow and boost organization by strategically utilizing reminders for key tasks and deadlines. This comprehensive guide walks you through a seamless process, empowering you to efficiently set and manage reminders within Notion. Elevate your task management skills, ensuring a more organized and timely approach to your projects in the versatile Notion platform.

1. Begin by selecting and initiating a new block

1 Click here

2. Next, select the 'Date or reminder' option

2 Click on "Date or reminder"

3. Please opt for the 'Remind tomorrow 9am' choice

3 Click on "Remind tomorrow 9am"

4. Then click on the reminder to verify it

4 Click on "Tomorrow 9:00 AM"

5. Click again to modify your reminder's timing

5 Click here

6. Choose the 'Remind' option to customize your personal schedule

6 Click on "On day of event"

7. Now, select your preferred alert timing

7 Click on "10 minutes before"

8. Congratulations, you've successfully set your reminder

8 Click here

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