Streamline your workflow in Apollo.ai by setting up alerts to enhance organization and categorization of key information. Elevate user experience and simplify navigation with customized alerts for quick and easy identification. This guide offers a seamless step-by-step process to establish alerts in Apollo.ai, empowering you to boost efficiency and clarity in managing alerts within the platform.

1. Begin by selecting the 'Home' option.

1 Click on "Home"

2. Next, navigate to 'Alerts'.

2 Click on "Alerts"

3. Click on 'New Alert' to create a new notification.

3 Click here

4. Once you've done that, confirm by clicking 'Ok, got it'.

4 Click on "Ok, got it"

5. Now, Title your play.

5 Click here

6. Feel free to fill in additional details in the text area presented.

6 Click here

7. Select radio button to customize your alert settings.

7 Click here

8. Expand 'Advanced options' for more detailed settings.

8 Click on "Show advanced options"

9. Add filters to further customize your alert.

9 Click on "Add filters"

10. Once you've set your filters, save them.

10 Click on "Save filters"

11. Afterwards, determine your alert's 'Call-to-action'.

11 Click on "Select call-to-action"

12. Add the details for each action item.

12 Click on "Add to sequence"

13. Finally, activate the alert setup by clicking 'Activate'.

13 Click on "Companies"

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