Efficiently share your Wistia videos by following this guide. Streamline your workflow with step-by-step instructions on how to seamlessly distribute and communicate your content. Enhance user experience and clarity in video management, ensuring easy sharing and accessibility within the Wistia platform.

1. Click the Add new media button

1 Click on "Add new media"

2. Choose the video file you want to upload

2 Click here

3. Choose the folder for your video

3 Click here

4. Confirm by clicking Upload

4 Click on "Upload 1 media"

5. View more options by clicking More Actions

5 Click on "More Actions"
6 Click on "Share"
7 Click on "Copy Link"

8. Choose where to publish your video

8 Click on "Reconnect"

9. Confirm your choice by clicking Publish

9 Click on "Publish"

10. Embed your video by selecting Embed

10 Click on "Embed"

11. Decide on an embed type and Copy Code

11 Click on "Copy Code"

12. For a pop-over embed, click Copy Code

12 Click on "Copy Code"

13. Customize your email format for the embed and finalize by copying the tag.

13 Click on "Links To
Set th..."

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