Streamline your data organization in Airtable with this comprehensive guide on sorting fields. Elevate your user experience by efficiently arranging and categorizing information. Learn the seamless process of sorting fields, ensuring easy identification and improved clarity in data management within the Airtable platform. This guide empowers you to optimize your workflow, enhancing efficiency in sorting and managing fields effortlessly.

1. Choose the field you'd like to sort from the drop-down menu.

1 Click on "Name"

2. Find and select the 'Sort' option.

2 Click on "Sort"

3. Pick the specific items you want to arrange.

3 Click on "Start date"

4. Adapt the sorting parameters to your liking.

4 Click on "Start date

5. Confirm your selection to re-arrange based on your criteria.

5 Click on "Sorted by 1 field"

6. You have the option to add another layer of sorting.

6 Click on "Add another sort"

7. Identify the next field you wish to sort.

7 Click on "Name"

8. Customize the next sorting preference you've selected.

8 Click on "Start date

9. Finish the action and enjoy your newly sorted fields.

9 Click on "February 5, 202..."

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