Streamline your scheduling process by syncing your Airtable calendar with an external calendar and sharing seamlessly. Enhance user experience and simplify navigation by incorporating relevant details. This guide walks you through a smooth process, empowering you to efficiently synchronize your Airtable calendar and share it externally, optimizing productivity and clarity in managing your schedules.

1. Start by clicking on the tasks and timelines tab.

1 Click on "📝 Tasks, timelines, and assignees"

2. Find and click the icon to add a calendar.

2 Click here

3. Choose the option that fits your needs.

3 Click here

4. Proceed to create a new view by clicking the according button.

4 Click on "Create new view"

5. Next, select or create a date field as needed.

5 Click on "Choose or create a date field"

6. Confirm your selection by clicking 'Done'.

6 Click on "Done"

7. Fill in the necessary details for your calendar event.

7 Click on "14"

8. Now, make your view accessible by clicking 'Share view'.

8 Click on "Share view"
9 Click on "Create link to view"
11 Upload

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