Enhance your Canva experience by seamlessly translating text from English to Spanish with our comprehensive guide. Optimize your design workflow by efficiently utilizing language translation features. Improve user interaction and streamline content creation with step-by-step instructions, ensuring a smooth process for achieving multilingual designs in the Canva platform.

1. Start by clicking on the so-called 'elements'.

1 Click here

2. Next, initiate a search for images and place it within the whiteboard.

2 Click here

3. Proceed to find and click on the 'Apps' button.

3 Click here

4. In the search bar, please type in and look for 'Translate'.

4 Click here

5. When you see the 'Translate' option, go ahead and select it.

5 Click here

6. Now, it's time to choose the language you wish to translate your text into.

6 Click on "Select language"

7. Look for the 'Text' option and click on it to start adding text to your design.

7 Click here

8. Create a textbox and start entering your desired content.

8 Click on "Add a little bit of body text"

9. Once you're finished with your input, seek out the 'Translate' option and click on it.

9 Click here

10. Lastly, confirm the translation by clicking 'Translate', and your translated text will appear shortly after.

10 Click on "Translate"

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