Streamline your collaboration on the Miro whiteboard by mastering the art of file uploads. Elevate your teamwork and enhance the visual aspect of your projects by effortlessly incorporating files into the Miro platform. This comprehensive guide offers a step-by-step process, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience in uploading files. Learn how to navigate Miro's file upload features to optimize your collaborative efforts and bring clarity to your visual projects within the Miro whiteboard environment.

1. Select the 'My First Board' for opening the whiteboard

1 Click on "My First Board"

2. Next, navigate to present tools using the button available

2 Click here

3. Now, type into the provided field to find suitable options

3 Click here

4. Choose 'Upload' from the available options

4 Click on "Upload"

5. Proceed by dragging and pinning the 'Upload' bar

5 Click here

6. You may choose your desired file from 'My device' for upload

6 Click on "My device"

7. Other file upload options available can be explored with a click

7 Click here
8 Click on "Upload via url"

9. Congratulations, your video is now uploaded to the whiteboard

9 Upload

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