Maximize your advertising strategy with the SEMRush Advertising Research Tool. Streamline your workflow by effectively utilizing features to analyze and enhance your ad campaigns. This comprehensive guide offers a seamless walkthrough on harnessing the tool's capabilities, empowering you to optimize efficiency and gain clarity in advertising management within the SEMRush platform. Elevate your advertising endeavors with this user-friendly guide.

1. Locate and click the 'Advertising' button.

1 Click on "Advertising"

2. Now find and choose 'Advertising Research' option.

2 Click on "Advertising Research"

3. Into the blank field, type in your domain.

3 Click here

4. Afterwards, select the 'Search' button to proceed.

4 Click on "Search"

5. Inspect and interpret available metrics for analysis.

5 Click on "Advanced filters"

6. Next, go to and monitor the 'Competitors' tab.

6 Click on "Competitors"

7. Subsequently, navigate to and select 'Ads Copies' tab.

7 Click on "Ads Copies"

8. Move on to the 'Ads History' tab and click it.

8 Click on "Ads History"

9. Lastly, access and survey the 'Subdomains' tab.

9 Click on "Subdomains"

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