Elevate your SEO strategy with the SEMRush Keyword Gap Tool guide. Streamline your keyword research process by learning how to effectively use this tool to identify gaps and opportunities in your content. Enhance your website's visibility by implementing targeted keywords and gaining valuable insights into competitor strategies. This comprehensive guide empowers you to optimize your digital presence, providing a seamless step-by-step process to leverage the SEMRush Keyword Gap Tool for improved search engine performance.

1. Let's begin by clicking on the Keyword Gap option.

1 Click on "Keyword Gap"

2. Next, enter domains you want to compare in the highlighted space.

2 Click here

3. Now, hit the Compare button to see how the domains fair against each other.

3 Click on "Compare"

4. Check out the marked Weak section to recognize keyword gaps.

4 Click on "Weak"

5. Click on View details to garner in-depth information.

5 Click on "View details"

6. You can download the document for rigorous keyword gap analysis.

6 Click here

7. Want to know about lost opportunities, click on Missing.

7 Click on "Missing"

8. To finalize, click Export to save these missing keywords for future reference.

8 Click on "Export"

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