Streamline your SEO strategy with the SEMRush Position Tracking Tool. Elevate your online presence by optimizing keyword performance and tracking your website's ranking effortlessly. This guide offers a seamless walkthrough, empowering you to efficiently utilize the Position Tracking Tool, enhancing precision and clarity in monitoring your website's search engine performance within the SEMRush platform.

1. Let's start by selecting Position Tracking from the sidebar.

1 Click on "Position Tracking"

2. Now, let's create a new SEMRush project.

2 Click on "Create project"

3. Enter the domain you want to track.

3 Click here

4. Next, give your project a unique name.

4 Click here

5. Proceed by clicking Create Project.

5 Click on "Create project"

6. Let's define our target area

6 Click here

7. Good, now click Continue to Keywords.

7 Click on "Continue To Keywords"

8. It's time to add our target keywords

8 Click here

9. After adding, confirm by clicking Add keywords to campaign.

9 Click on "Add keywords to campaign"

10. To leverage existing keywords, click here to import them.

10 Click on "Enter keywords ..."

11. Now, select the desired type and upload your keywords file.

11 Click on "TXT or CSV"

12. All set! Kick-off tracking by clicking Start Tracking.

12 Click on "Start Tracking"

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