Sometimes, there is a need to find tickets, stories, issues, bugs, etc that were included in a previously completed sprint.

While Jira Software doesn't have a quick way to do this from the built-in UI, there is a simple process to viewing past tickets from previous sprints on Jira.

Step-by-step interactive guide

Text-based guide

  1. First, ensure  Sprint Reports are enabled for your project. If it already is, skip to step 8. Otherwise, let's select the 'Projects' option.
  2. Press the 'More' icon on your screen for the relevant Jira project.
  3. Choose the 'Project settings' option.
  4. Tap on the 'Features' option.
  5. Ensure the you turn on "Reports" for this Jira project.
  6. Awesome. Now let's click our project to view tickets from a previous sprint.
  7. Head over to the new 'Reports' section that's been added.
  8. Select the 'Sprint burndown chart'.
  9. Next, click the Sprint selector and...
  10. Select the desired sprint you would like to view.
  11. Optionally choose your Estimation field and you'll see a list of previous stories and tickets from this sprint!
  12. Scroll down and click any of the previous tickets to view it's contents!

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