Are you curious about the top-performing posts in your Reddit history? Whether you're looking to revisit a favorite discussion or analyze your most popular contributions, viewing your top story on Reddit is a breeze.

Follow this simple interactive demo to uncover your top story and relive the highlights of your Reddit journey:

1. Get started by clicking your profile name on the top right.

1 Click on "429 karma"

2. Then, click on "Profile".

2 Click on "Profile"

3. Great. Now click on "Top" to surface all of your top posts.

3 Click on "Top"

4. Click on the time period, which defaults to "All Time".

4 Click on "All Time"

5. Here, you can choose whichever period you'd like. Let's stick with "All Time".

5 Click on "All Time"

6. Great! Now click on any of your posts to get more insights.

6 Click on "New

7. Scroll down and you'll see detailed insights. Keep in mind that analytics are only preserved for **45 days**!

7 Upload

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