Revamp your LinkedIn presence with a personalized touch using custom banners from Canva. Elevate your profile aesthetics, leaving a lasting impression on visitors. This guide walks you through the seamless process of optimizing your LinkedIn profile by creating and adding a custom banner. Enhance your professional image, stand out, and make a strong visual impact with this easy-to-follow guide.

1. Start by selecting 'Create a design'.

1 Click on "Create a design"
2 Click here

3. Choose the '1584 × 396 px' size for your banner.

3 Click on "1584 × 396 px"

4. Pick your favorite template from the options available.

4 Upload

5. Use the drag and drop function to place your selected elements.

5 Upload

6. Remember to hit 'Add page' before choosing another template.

6 Upload

7. Take time to customize: change images, fonts, and colors to suit your preference.

7 Upload

8. Once finished, share your design by clicking on 'Share'.

8 Upload

9. Ready to use? Click on 'Download'.

9 Upload

10. Finally, click again on 'Download' to save your custom LinkedIn banner.

10 Upload

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