Streamline your scheduling process in Calendly by incorporating invitee questions to gather essential information seamlessly. Elevate user experience and enhance clarity in your meetings by adding relevant questions for invitees. This guide offers a straightforward process to efficiently integrate and utilize invitee questions within Calendly, empowering you to optimize your scheduling strategy for improved efficiency and communication.

1. Start by clicking here.

1 Click here

2. Proceed by selecting Edit.

2 Click on "Edit"

3. Now, tap on the Booking page options.

3 Click on "Calendly confir..."

4. Add a new question by clicking the appropriate option.

4 Click on "Add new question"

5. Please input your query into the given field.

5 Click here

6. Mark this option to set the query as compulsory.

6 Click here

7. Select the type of answer you expect for the question.

7 Click on "One Line"

8. Once satisfied with the question and answer type, click Done.

8 Click on "Done"

9. Finally, save your changes and exit by selecting Save and close.

9 Click on "Save and close"

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