Enhance your project management in Asana with the Calendar and Timeline view features. Effortlessly organize tasks, improve user experience, and streamline project timelines by utilizing these intuitive views. This guide offers a seamless walkthrough, empowering you to efficiently create and navigate projects with clarity and enhanced productivity within the Asana platform.

1. Choose the Project from the sidebar.

1 Click on "Marketing plan"

2. Next, click on the Calendar option in the toolbar.

2 Click on "Calendar"

3. Under tasks, organize Leads based on your preferred date and time.

3 Click on "Enrich Leads"

4. If needed, add additional tasks to manage simultaneously.

4 Click on "Hi Hello"

5. To narrow your focus, select the Week view option.

5 Click on "Week view"

6. Consider extending your week by including weekends to your calendar.

6 Click here

7. Need a monthly outlook? Choose the Month view instead.

7 Click on "Month view"

8. When tackling timed dependencies, utilize the Timeline option.

8 Click on "Timeline"

9. Feel free to rearrange tasks based on your availability.

9 Click here

10. Finally, synchronize your Asana schedule with your personal calendar.

10 Click here

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