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How to archive and delete cards in Trello


Efficient task management is crucial for maximizing productivity, and Trello offers a user-friendly platform to achieve just that. This guide will walk you through the process of archiving and deleting cards in Trello, ensuring a clutter-free workspace and improved project organization.

1. Choose the card you wish to archive.

1 Click here

2. Now, hit the 'Archive' button.

2 Click on "Archive"

3. Proceed by clicking on the menu bar.

3 Click here

4. Pursue by selecting the 'Archived items' option.

4 Click on " Archived items"

5. Revive the archived card with 'Send to board'.

5 Click on "Send to board"

6. For deletion, opt the card you wish to delete, remember it needs to be archived first.

6 Click here

7. Click on the 'Archive' for preparation.

7 Click on "Archive"

8. Go ahead and select 'Delete'.

8 Click on "Delete"

9. Confirm the action by submitting 'Delete'

9 Click here

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