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How to email technical support on Mailchimp


Streamline your experience with our comprehensive guides on accessing Technical Support and utilizing Mailchimp Assistant. Navigate seamlessly through the process of contacting technical support for prompt assistance. Enhance your Mailchimp experience with step-by-step instructions on leveraging the Mailchimp Assistant, ensuring efficiency and clarity in managing your email campaigns and marketing efforts.

1. Begin by navigating to the help feature on your screen.

1 Click here

2. From the options provided, locate and select Help & Support.

2 Click on "Help & Support"

3. You will see an 'Ask Mailchimp Assistant' option, click on it.

3 Click on "Ask Mailchimp Assistant"
4 Click on "Ask Mailchimp Assistant"

5. Locate and select the 'Email Us' option.

5 Click on "Email us"

6. Fully describe your issue in the form provided for a detailed email response.

6 Click on "Contact Technic..."

7. Lastly, consider upgrading your service for personalized support

7 Click on "Upgrade now"

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