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How to do a sanity check for your sequence in


Streamline your workflow in by conducting a thorough sanity check for your sequences. Optimize your user experience by organizing and verifying sequences through relevant checks. This guide offers a seamless process to perform a comprehensive sanity check, ensuring efficiency and clarity in sequence management within the platform.

1. Start by clicking on the 'Sequences' option.

1 Click on "Sequences"

2. Next, opt for 'Run Diagnostics' to analyze the sequence.

2 Click on "Run diagnostics"

3. Then, please confirm your selection by clicking on the specified element.

3 Click here

4. Select the 'Sendgrid/Mailgun' choice from the options.

4 Click on "Sendgrid/Mailgun"

5. Click on 'Connect Service' to ensure everything is fully configured.

5 Click on "Connect service"

6. Discover the best practices by clicking on the informational source.

6 Click on "Connect apollo ..."

7. Navigate to 'Tracking Domain' for further settings adjustment.

7 Click on "Tracking domain"

8. Make sure all is set correctly by interacting with the displayed element.

8 Click here

9. Grasp industry best practices by clicking on the explained field.

9 Click on "Set up a tracki..."

10. Stay on top of things by examining the 'Unverified Contacts.'

10 Click on "Unverified contacts"

11. Finally, regulate your sequence by selecting 'Unverified,' leaving things in perfect order.

11 Click on "Unverified"

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