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How to enable and create a notepad in ClickUp


Streamline your workflow in ClickUp by harnessing the power of Notepad. Enhance organization and clarity by utilizing Notepad to categorize and manage your tasks effortlessly. This guide offers a seamless process to enable Notepad in ClickUp and create a personalized one, empowering you to boost efficiency and maintain clear task management within the ClickUp platform.

1. Start by selecting your profile icon.

1 Click on "N"

2. Proceed by choosing the 'Settings' option.

2 Click on "Settings"

3. Now, activate your notepad settings by toggling the switch.

3 Click here

4. After enabling, click 'BACK' to return.

4 Click on "BACK"

5. Select the 'Quick Action Menu' for the next move.

5 Click here

6. Here's your chance to create a note, go ahead.

6 Click here

7. Give your notepad a creative title next.

7 Click here

8. Click the 'Create' button to materialize your notepad.

8 Click on "Create"

9. Congratulations! Your notepad is ready for use, and it will be here whenever you return.

9 Click on "

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