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How to integrate apps in Webflow


Streamline your workflow in Webflow by seamlessly integrating apps to enhance functionality. Elevate user experience and simplify navigation by incorporating relevant apps for increased efficiency. This comprehensive guide offers a step-by-step process on seamlessly integrating apps in Webflow, empowering you to optimize your website's performance and functionality for a more user-friendly experience.

1. Start by selecting 'Apps & Integrations' from the menu.

1 Click on "Apps & Integrations"

2. Now search for the app you'd like to integrate by clicking 'Find an App'.

2 Click on "Find an App"

3. Once found, click the app's icon to learn more about it.

3 Click here

4. Are you ready to integrate? Click 'Install App'.

4 Click on "Install App"

5. Next, specify the workspace where the app should be installed.

5 Click here

6. To allow the app to function in your workspace, select 'Authorize App'.

6 Click on "Authorize App"

7. Great job! You've successfully installed and authorized the app.

7 Click on "Apps & Integrations"

8. Lastly, click 'View details' to see the integration's settings.

8 Click on "View details"

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