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How to link an email address to your account


Streamline your experience on by linking your email address with ease. Enhance efficiency and clarity in communication by seamlessly connecting your email to your account. This guide offers a straightforward process to create a link, providing a more organized and efficient approach to managing your email interactions within the platform.

1. Start by clicking on the profile icon.

1 Click on "NS"

2. Next, choose the option 'Your Profile'.

2 Click on "Your profile"

3. Now, find and click on the 'Mailboxes' button.

3 Click on "Mailboxes"
4 Click on "Link mailbox"

5. Proceed by selecting your email provider.

5 Click here

6. Ensure you read and accept all the Terms and Conditions.

6 Upload
7 Click on "Link mailbox"

8. After entering your email, select 'Continue'.

8 Click on "Continue"

9. Make sure to click on the displayed element.

9 Click here

10. Awesome! You've successfully linked your inbox

10 Click on "Check mailbox configuration"

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